Your gift and support to Subic Bay Centennial Lions Club or #SBCLions is needed more than ever and will go to work in the heart of communities where children are most in need. Thank you for standing with the children today!

Get involved where it matters

We have teamed up with The Lion’s Club in Subic, Philippines which will administer the funds and account for every penny, so the people who need the food and help will get exactly what you give. There are tons of amazing charities out there, and we have partnered with some of the very best “boots on the ground” people and logistics to ensure there is no waste or overhead, and relief gets to those in need.

We want and need everything to go to the CAUSE!


Get Involved #SBCLions

The power of many! Please Like and Share on all Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube hey you can even make a TikTok video and Challenge 3 friends to donate $25 which feeds a family for a week!

Real People - You came to this website because someone you know shared our movement #RAOKArmy

We are asking you to make a difference knowing that the support you provide will get to the needy people. We have eliminated the profiteers and maximized the relief. Monitor progress here on this website or follow the hashtags #SBCLions and #RAOKArmy on Social Media

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Current lions relief missions & projects

subic bay centennial lions club ~ raising money for those most in need
Subic Bay Centennial Lions Club ~ SBCLC
Bring Electricity & Water To Off-Grid Homes In Philippines

Provide 200+ Families in Cawag, Subic Bay, Cabalan & Olongapo, Zambales off-grid Solar Power & Deep Well Water. Our Goal is an installation 200+ Solar Home Systems & Water by Spring 2024

Goal: $202,000


Random Acts of Kindness Army Subic Bay Centennial Lions Club SBCLC
Residents lost work and Suffered Due to Covid 19

As Lions, We Serve! Our goal is to provide 2,000+ families affected by the COVID-19 lockdown in Cawag, Subic Bay, Olongapo in Zambales Emergency Food and Basic needs relief as a result of the Pandemic

Goal: $40,000


Random Acts of Kindness Army Subic Bay Centennial Lions Club SBCLC
SBCLC General Fund for Disaster relief & Emergency Aid

Your Online Cash Donation will help us provide Emergency Relief & Aid as a result of typhoons, earthquakes, flooding, or other Natural Disaster in the Province of Zambales.

Goal: $30,000


How you can help #SBCLions


Make a donation

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute a few dollars or $25 for a whole family your help is vital

Sponsor a family

Your monthly sponsorship can provide hard-working family desperate relief of food, basic essentials and medicine

Like and Share!

Through the power of social media #SBCLions can mobilize thousands of small donors to make a monumental difference!

Give a Little. Change a Lot


Here is a photo of what your $25 donation can directly provide a family in need when we cut out the bureaucracy and get “boots on the ground” help from The Lion’s Club, and other amazing individuals/groups who will not only purchase the food directly, they will also deliver it to those in need, who are often locked in very remote regions with absolutely no mode of transportation during the lockdown.

Random Acts of Kindness Army Subic Bay Centennial Lions Club SBCLC

How to start?

Lions Club recently completed a successful delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which included a reusable face shield, and washable face mask along with 2.5kg of rice, sardines, and misc relief goods to 100+ Frontliners in the Northern Province of Zambales, Philippines.

During this we saw first hand the suffering of everyday people capable of working but under strict government lockdown unable to feed

Start Now!
Random Acts of Kindness Army Subic Bay Centennial Lions Club SBCLC

helping the most needy is our goal

Mothers are mixing sugar and water as a replacement for Formula for their babies because they do not have milk. Kids are eating rice with fish oil poured over for a simulated “flavor”. This is how many families are forced to “get by” because they are not allowed to work during the lockdown.

There has been NO WORK since the lockdown was rapidly implemented on March 15, 2020.

Grandma and Grandpa (Called Lola and LolaDad) are at risk due to extreme malnourishment and a lack of resources. It’s tragic, but YOU can help. Seriously, for just a few dollars you can make a difference. And for $25 you can give a family the relief of knowing they will have food on their table for a week. $100 could either feed four families for a week or bless one family for an entire month in The Philippines!

Random Acts of Kindness Army Subic Bay Centennial Lions Club SBCLC
our goal is to help as many as we can and through the boots on the ground of Lions Club and logistical resources of lions club our goal is to help
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People to help
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Our Goal to Raise

Budget Based Giving

Shop for items individually OR buy a Family Relief Pack

If you prefer to shop & donate individual items such as Baby Formula/Milk or Aspirin, noodles, and a bag of rice, feel free to choose as many items below to add to your shopping cart.

(*You will only be charged for the items you choose and pay for at checkout)

Thank you all in advance for your kindness. A little can go a long way when we work together for the ultimate goal of helping others. You are all very much appreciated.

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